Davos simulations, April 20, 2007

Online visualization of the MYSTIC simulation

The following two pictures show the model domain which we used in the MYSTIC calculation (left) and an animation of a number of photons. In backward mode the photons start at the location where we want to know the irradiance (Weissfluhjoch) and are traced until they leave at top-of-atmosphere towards the sun.

Diurnal variation of integrated solar irradiance (low-res forward calculation)

Global (surface-parallel) solar irradiance
Direct (surface-parallel) solar irradiance
Diffuse downward (surface-parallel) solar irradiance
Upward (surface-parallel) solar irradiance

High-resolution results

uvspec input file:

atmosphere_file ../data/atmmod/afglms.mc

correlated_k kato2
output sum

sza SZA
phi0 PHI0

mc_sample_grid 70 70 0.25 0.25 # sample grid, 70 x 70 grid boxes
mc_photons 50000000

rte_solver montecarlo

mc_elevation_file ./parsenn25.dem.periodic
albedo 0.2